Department of Civil Technology

Department of Civil Technology



The mission of the department is to deliver theoretical and practical training to students in the field of Civil technologies on the course outlines of PBTE, NAVTTC, and NTB. To accomplish this goal, the department assigns mini projects of specialist nature to students for in-depth analysis and brainstorming, to bridge the gap between modern and conventional concepts.

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Scheme of Study

Code No Subject Contact Hour Marks Page
Th  Pr C Th Pr Total
Gen 111Islamiat/Pakistan Studies010001500050
Eng 112English02000210000100
Math 113Applied Mathematics-I03000310000100
CH 112Applied Chemistry0103025050100
Phy 122Applied Physics0103025050100
Shop 162Workshop Practice00060210050150
CT 114Surveying-I02060410050150
CT 123Construction-I02030310000100
CT 133Civil Drafting-I01060350100150
Total 1327228004001200
Gen 211Islamiat/Pakistan Studies010001500050
Math 212Applied Mathematics-II0200025050100
Comp 122Computer Applications0103025050100
CT 212Public Health Engineering-I0103025050100
CT 224Surveying-I02060410000100
CT 223Construction-II0203035050100
CT 243Civil Drafting-II01060310050150
CT 253Mechanics of Structures020303100100200
CT 262Quantity Surveying-I01030210050150
TOTAL 1327227504001150
Gen 311Islamiat and Pakistan Studies010001500050
CT 312Project Management020002500050
CT 322Quantity Surveying-II0006025050100
CT 333Public Health Engineering-II02030210050100
CT 344Hydraulics & Irrigation03030410050150
CT 353Railways, Docks, Harbors and Bridges0203035050100
CT 364Concreate Technology and RCC Design03030410050150
CT 373Soil Mechanics, Highways and Airports02030350100150
CT 381Civil Engineering Project0003015050100
TOTAL 13 27 22 650 450 1100


The following labs are functioning in Civil Technology Department:

  • Survey Lab
  • Drafting Lab
  • Construction Lab
  • Structure Lab

    Modern and Latest equipment like dumpy level, theodolite and total station are available in survey lab. The drafting lab has drafting tables/machines equipped with all drafting instruments in sufficient number.


Profile of the College

Since independence, Pakistan faced many challenges and one of them was in the field of engineering & technology. At that time few industries existed in Pakistan. It was felt by the Government of Pakistan that rapidly changing and technologically oriented world, technology is of vital importance for socio-economic development of a country. Government of Pakistan stood determined to train its manpower technically. The Government of Pakistan in 1954 invited Ford Foundation of America, to make study of the need of technical persons in industry. The report showed that there was an acute shortage of technical personnel in the country. The Government took immediate action in the light of the report, submitted by Ford Foundation and established three “POLYTECHNIC” Institutes in Karachi, Dhaka and Rawalpindi. The passed out graduates from polytechnics were meant to assist engineers and skilled workers. Now there are hundreds of technical institutions in the country, imparting technical education to train the manpower. Government College of Technology, Peshawar is the biggest technical institute in the province, working under TEVTA Khyber PakhtunKhwa. Started in 1959, as a Government Technical Institute, with a few students, it is now grown up as Government College of Technology, running diploma to degree level courses in different fields of engineering & technology. The college is situated on Kohat Road, nearly two & a half kilometers from Cantt Railway, Station Peshawar. It has a land of 24 acres (approximately) having large beautiful engineering & buildings; to meet the growing demands of classrooms, workshops/labs. The College has its own masjid, the dispensary, colony and two hostels for students, having a capacity to accommodate 200 students. It consists of Administration Block, in addition to that for all individual technologies; We have Independent Block