BS Engineering Mechanical Technology

BS Engineering Mechanical Technology


The Department of Mechanical Technology was established in 1981 as an integral part of Government College of technology, Peshawar.  This field services the needs of human society by the application of laws and principles of engineering technology and allied science. Mechanical Engineering technology also helps in designing, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems. The scope of the Mechanical Engineering Technology ranges from designing to manufacturing of mechanical parts, and from to generation, conversion to utilization of mechanical and thermal energy to overcome the presence crisis of energy in the country and specifically in province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Therefore, Mechanical engineering Department produce a mechanical graduate who is ready to tackle the challenges of ever-changing world of technology.

Academic Program:

  • BSc Engineering Technology


The Department is providing an environment aimed at producing Technologist with broad-based knowledge, hand-on skills, leadership qualities and social rectitude. They are also capable to adapt to technological advancements, intelligently respond to latest developments in the field of Mechanical Technology and to improve the employability as per market demand.

Program Educational Objectives:

The Mechanical Technology department produce graduates equip with the following objectives:

PEO-1: Graduate will demonstrate a blend of engineering technology and professional skills.

PEO-2: Graduate will perform ethically and in a socially responsible manner.

PEO-3: Graduate will strive to enhance learning and managerial skills.

Mapping of PEOs with GCT Peshawar Vision, Mission, and Department Mission

PEOsGovernment College of Technology PeshawarElectrical Engineering Technology Department
PEO-01✔Demonstrate a blend of Engineering technology and professional skillsServe the engineering profession by offering high quality education
PEO-02✔Perform ethically and in a socially responsible mannerTo create professionals and contribute towards society
PEO-03✔Strive to enhance learning and interpersonal skills.By providing innovative solutions with focus on research in Mechanical and allied disciplines

List of Laboratories:

The curriculum of Mechanical Engineering Technology necessitates practical work as its indispensable part.  Experiments in the laboratories augment theoretical part almost in all subjects. Following is the list of laboratories in the college for BSc Mechanical Engineering Technology.

  • Hydraulics Lab
  • RAC & Heat Transfer Lab
  • Thermodynamics Lab
  • Automobile/ IC EngineLab
  • Material Testing Lab
  • Metallurgy Lab
  • Engineering workshops
  • CAD Labs (I, & II)
  • Power Plants Lab

Industrial Visits:

The Mechanical Technology arranges industrial trip every year for students to make them in touch with different industries.The exposure of these industries enables students to get practical knowledge of various processes and production facilities involved in an industry.


It is mandatory for students to have eight months industrial internship to be completed for graduation.The College offers mostly paid internship opportunities for students in various industries in their final year of graduation. Almost all students are facilitated every year in getting their internship by the VC & JP (Vocational Counseling and Job Placement) officer of the college.

Job Placement Opportunities:

The graduates of Mechanical Technology department have various job opportunities in public sector organizations such as Water and Power Development Authority, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, Pakistan Ordinance Factories,, Pakistan Railway, heavy Mechanical Complex etc and in Private Sector such as various industries in the province such as  Cement Industries, Sugar Mills etc.