Conduct & Discipline

Student Conduct & Discipline Act


These regulations are framed as “Act 1989” of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. These regulations shall apply to all the students on roll in the college.

Applicability and Commencement.

These regulations shall apply to all students who are on the roll of any Teaching Department of Government College of Technology Peshawar and come into force with immediate effect.

Student Code of Honor.

Every student shall observe the following code of conduct:

  1. Faithfulness in his religious duties and respect conviction of others in the matter of religion, conscience and customs.
  2. Loyalty to Pakistan and refraining from doing anything which might lower its honor and prestige in any way.
  3. Truthfulness and honesty dealing with other people.
  4. Respect for the elders and politeness to all especially to women, children, old people, weak, deformed and the helpless.
  5. Respect for his teachers, fellows and high authority of the college.
  6. Cleanliness of body, mind, speech and habits.
  7. Helpfulness to fellow beings.
  8. Devotion to studies and sports.
  9. Protection of Government and public property.

Action Against Misconduct.

Each member of the teaching staff shall have power to check any disorderly or improper conduct of, or, any breach of regulations by students in any part of the college campus. If such misconduct occur in a class-room when a student is under the charge of a teacher, the later may summarily impose a fine of Rs.100/- and may require the student to leave the classroom. Report the matter immediately to the Principal/Chairman/Head of Department for further disciplinary action.

The Librarian shall be responsible for the maintenance of order in the library. In case if any disorderly conduct or any breach of Regulation, he may direct the offender to leave the Library immediately or if the later deserves a severe punishment; he may be fined up to Rs. 100/- or report to the Disciplinary Committee/Principal.

The Senior Warden and Assistant Warden shall be responsible for the maintenance of the order in the hostels.

The Director Physical Education shall be responsible for the maintenance of order among the students on or near playgrounds or while otherwise under his charge.

The Crises Management Committee/Chief Proctor/Chairman and Student Proctors will be responsible for the maintenance of order among the students on the campus and for checking the behavior likely to damage, the good name, of the college.