Dear Students, I appreciate your decision to have started your career in technical Education. It is a field which, if you take serious, will bring you success and prosperity in your life. Technical education will ensure you more gainful job opportunities vis-à-vis general education besides opening enormous opportunities for career / professional development within the country as well as abroad. You have started career studies which will prepare you for mid-level engineering job in the public and private sector. If you need, you can join a job in Government, Industry or a corporate sector with a supervisory role in the construction, manufacturing, IT and services sector after completion of your DAE courses to support your selves and your families. If you have time and resources, you can build upon your DAE qualification for obtaining Engineering and Technologies Qualification at Bachelor degree level which ca further lead you to Master and PhD level in the national and international Universities. If you are interested, you can switch over to Bachelor and Master Degrees in Sciences. So you have a broad horizon ahead both for employment and further Education. Your success will depend upon the time you give to learning and the hard work which you put in for your professional growth. The Ex-Students who had understood the value of time and passionately pursued their studies are enjoying brilliant careers and those who killed the time are suffering. The decision rests with you whether to become achievers in your life or becomes suffers.

Colleges of Technology and Polytechnic Institutes in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province have good infrastructure facilities with availability of qualified and experienced faculty. Most of the college / institutes are up to the National standard and few are up to International Standard in terms of Education and Training delivery.   KP-TEVTA is striving hard for further improvements of the standards with the support of Federal / Provincial Governments and International donor agencies. A big reform is under way in Technical educational and vocational Training and it is hoped that this sector will grow enormously in near future both quantitatively and qualitatively. Keep in mind that future job Market is for Skilled workers, Technicians, Technologists and Engineers but only those can avail those golden opportunities who have got professional excellence in their related field. The job requirements are definitely practical skills blended with related theory and proper attitude which you will be gaining during your studies. Try to adopt your selves within the new Technological environment by displaying high level of moral characters by respecting your teachers, seniors and collogues and surrendering your selves to the college discipline and code of conduct. You are advised to avoid political organizations and other ethnic groups and whole heartedly focus on your studies to become useful citizens. In this way you would not only be able to serve you nation in a better way but would also prove very useful to your parents and families. You are the carver of your future so carve a beautiful future with your own hands; it is easy, just a matter of your will.